How to use
1. Stealthmode.
This gadget measures 4x2 cm and weighs 60 gr. Put it next to your keys so you can’t leave home without it.
2. Smokemode
Find the smoking mode by pulling the ring to the first click. Use indication to ensure the cup is in upward position. Enjoy a cool hit when smoking the goods of your choice.
3. Stashmode
Pull the ring again and find the second click. Flip over and empty the goods from stash in your palm. Refill the bowl. Once closed qp is completely odour free.
4. Cleaningmode
Unlike many other pipes, piecepipe never clogs up. Just pull the ring out completely and split the precision lathed pieces apart. Clean tar and resin off preferably with alcohol on cloth.
There is an apparent witch-hunt for smokers around the world. That is why the birth of Piecepipe has been such a blessing. As far as we know, there is no pipe available on the market that can hold 6 – 10 cool hits and still pass as a keyring. Once connected to your doorkeys, you can’t leave home without it. Piecepipe is designed to click and lock at three positions: stealth mode, smoking mode and refill/stash. All three parts come apart for easy cleaning. Odour free, compact, equipped with a stash chamber and with its instant access, you will never experience a smoother way to spice up your life.

- The click/close/extinguish mechanism allows usage anywhere - even where it is prohibited to smoke.

- Due to air pockets, the mouthpiece never gets hot.

- A stash compartment can be especially handy when you're on the road.

- Pipe maintenance is a bore. Not anymore. All Piecepipe parts are designed for easy clean. There are several ways to do this, simply find your favourite means. We recommend one of the following: boiling milk, hot water and soap, dishwasher (qp chrome / twister), alcohol or the like. One thing is for sure: the more often, the better and easier.